Our Elders

               The Objective of the Board Of Elders per our Constitution is to assist the
               Pastor in providing for the spiritual affairs of the congregation. It is the responsibility
               of the elders to insure that Christian doctrine and discipline are maintained
               by members. They are responsible for the proper order of the church service,
               coordinate altar guild and musician activities, and assit in the administration of
               the sacraments.

           Contact your Elder on the Church Office phone 989-224-6796

                                Elders and their assignments


                              Families by last names    

Elder - Allen Hayes

      Families -  A  thru   B


Elder - Dennis Hoppe

      Families -  C thru G 


Elder - Dan Harry

      Families -  H thru J


Elder - Darrell Buck

      Families -  K thru M 


Elder - Jeff Smith

      Families -  N thru R


Elder - Jerry Roberts

      Families -  S thru T 


Elder - Lynn Webster

      Families -  U thru Z


Elder - Allen Bebow

      Assignments -   Funeral Services, Easter Breakfast,
                                  Pancake Breakfast


Elder - John Triantaflos

      Assignments -  Pastors, Governing Board, Elders,
                                 Church Staff